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GirlFlicks Festival
“I designed the identity and directed intros by Michelle Rodriguez, star of “Girlfight”. It needed to be compelling and highlight the overall theme of the week, but IFC also wanted her personality to be showcased because she embodies the festival’s theme in so many ways. She’s a strong, natural, sexy, likeable woman so we kept it simple to capture her personality. Although we had a limited amount of time in which to shoot these intros, Michelle and I had a synergy -- we’re two Latinas, two New Yorkers who understood each other.”
-Zoa Martinez

In the Movies

Identity Package 

“I realized it should be about the adrenaline rush of getting to the theater, finding your friends on time, buying tickets before they sell out and really settling in to enjoy the theatrical experience.”
- Zoa Martinez

Sundance Film Festival

Graphic Package​​

A barrel full of 16mm footage from the client, integrated with sharp filmic graphics captured IFC as a  bold, irreverent, and passionate place for the festival happenings.
-Zoa Martinez​

Indie Sex Documentary

Program Package

IFC's Indie Sex explores the highly controversial topic of sex in cinema.

“The zipper opens to expose a series of sexually charged images. The face on the tv screen helped transport the viewer into the scenes, forcing them to confront their own hidden desires.”  -Zoa Martinez​

IFC: South By Southwest, Behind The Badge

Programming and Promo Packages 

“I didn’t want the package to be too Western but it is, after all, the SXSW festival in the Lone Star State. I wanted a spontaneous indie rock ‘n’ roll flavor and to me, good rock is raw so that’s how I approached the packages. The rawness is in the textures, the composition of elements, the haphazardness of negatives and positives, and the color  palate. In the end, the painterliness, the “cuttiness”, the energy … all come together to create something at once rustic and crisp.” -Zoa Martinez

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