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R.O.A.R. Campaign for Animal Planet
Created the identity, directed and produced 22 spots bringing this animal advocacy initiative to life.

“I love directing people, to engage them, relax them, make them feel comfortable enough to elicit natural performances. This campaign is clean, crisp, graphic and all about delivering the message. I directed a diverse talent group, each with his or her own unique personality, within a simple design environment, and captured their individual styles in a manner that was entertaining, active and told their stories. If you want me, the viewer, to really R.O.A.R. then I want to feel passion from those who are encouraging me to get involved, and I think that energy comes across clearly.” -Zoa Martinez​

R.O.A.R. Campaign for Animal Planet
Reach Out. Act. Respond. – To protect threatened or endangered wildlife, recycle, choose products made from recycled sources, speak out against environmental abuse, learn how to live in harmony with your environment, educate yourself, spread the word about conservation, to lead by example, to speak out with a loud and clear R.O.A.R.

Horse Power Programming and Promo Package for Animal Planet
Flowers, stars, graphics reminiscent of stickers and composited live action footage from the show all give the packages a fresh, honest, clean feeling perfect for young women. 

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