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“I've had a unforgettable history with the History Channel since 1998."​​​ -Zoa Martinez

History en Español

Network Launch

El Poder de saber su Historia.... 

History International

Network Launch​ 

History Channel looks at history and culture from an international perspective

The 9/11 Year
Emotion in motion

Mega Disasters

Programming and Promo Package

“Roiling waters and wind whipped skies carry debris into the darkness and turbulence of a metropolis. As lights flicker and die, the ground shakes violently, fires erupt and the detritus resolves to form the fractured title, “Mega Disasters,” as nature’s fury decimates everything in its path.” 
- Zoa Martinez​

The Universe
Programming and Promo Package

"To create a conveyance that travels into the Universe, secures data, and brings it back to The History Channel's viewers we condensed the entire universe in 20 seconds. Bringing motion and depth where there was none - to create 3D space in 2D of things that don't necessarily exist, and concepts not yet proven, to simulate many of the moments."

- Zoa Martinez​

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